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Mike Hi. I'm Mike Loewen, and I'm currently working for Penn State's Information Technology Services organization, as a Senior Research Programmer. My areas of emphasis are various flavors of UNIX, plus system and network administration and security. These days, I spend most of my time writing software for the User Services group. My office is in 301G Wagner Building, in the consultants area. Some of my past and present projects include:

I graduated from Penn State in 1979, with a degree in Music Education, and am a brother of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fraternity: our local chapter is Alpha Zeta. I'm still active on the local music scene, with several groups:

Heavy Metal


Here is a list of the various groups I've played with over the years.

I also substitute for the Nittany Valley Symphony, the Altoona Symphony, the Tarnished Six, the Last Resort Dixieland Band, the Big Band Sound of Mt. Union, plus just about any other group that calls (I mean, pays - hehehe). My arsenal consists of:

When Homecoming rolls around at Penn State, I usually end up performing with the Alumni Blue Band, a group of close to 400 alumni band members. We perform part of the pregame and halftime shows, and combine with the Blue Band for a mass performance during halftime. Marching with the Blue Band as an undergraduate was a great experience, and I was fortunate to attend 5 different bowl games (Orange, Cotton, Sugar, Gator and Fiesta) during my tenure.

I've undertaken a crazy project: building my own Lost in Space robot. It's going to take a long time to complete, but I'll document my progress here.

Here are some things to peek at:

AFM B9 Club

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